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Upshur County -- Wills & Probate

Calendar of Wills
Prepared by The West Virginia Records Survey Division of Community Service Progress Works Projects Administration
Title Page No. 49 - Upshur County
Preface The Abstracts are from Will Book A
Introduction The calendar of wills was limited to the publication of wills recorded prior to 1885.

The abstracts were entered chronologically by date of probate and are arranged as follows: name of testator, occupation of testator if shown, place will made, date will made, date of probate, names of devisees, name of executor, abstract of will, names of witnesses to will, book and page number of recording, and assigned calendar number.

The following lists contain: Name of Testator (date will made - date of probate)
Note: "n.d." = not dated.

A - G
H - O
P - Y

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