US-Data Repository (West Virginia)

History and Progress of the
County of Marion, West Virginia

by George A. Dunnington,
aided by notes and memoranda left by the late Richard P. Lott

Fairmont, W. VA.
George A. Dunnington, Publisher, 1880

Preface Preface
Chapter I Introductory
Chapter II First Settlements
Chapter III About the Land Titles held by the Settlers
Chapter IV The Characteristics and Hardships of the Early Settlers
Chapter V Commencement of the Indian Troubles
Forts established, etc
Chapter VI Murder of Josiah Prickett
Continuation of Indian Atrocities
Murder of Miss Coon
Attack on Fort Harbert
Chapter VII Captain Booth killed
Capture of Captain Cochran
David Morgan's encounter with two Indians
Chapter VIII Horatio Morgan
Massacre of the Thomas Family
Chapter IX Continued Hostilities of the Savages
Attack on the Cunninghams and Capture of Mrs. Cunningham
Chapter X A Boy's Adventure
The Indian's on Buffalo Creek
Levi Morgan's Adventure
Chapter XI Murder of the McIntires
End of Indian depredations
Chapter XII Progress of Civilization from 1785 to 1819
Chapter XIII The Towns of the County
Chapter XIV Organization of the County
The First Court, The Jail, The Court House, etc.
Chapter XV The Irish Riot
The Great Freshet
Completion of the railroad
Suspension Bridge built, etc.
Chapter XVI The Churches and Schools of the County
Chapter XVII The First Steamboat
The Banks of Marion County
Journalism in the County
Chapter XVIII The War of the Rebellion
Division of the State
Chapter XIX The Mining Interests
The Fire at Fairmont
Marion Militia, etc.
Chapter XX The Resources of the County
Its Political Complexion
Pen Sketches of Prominent Citizens
U. N. Arnett Jacob Clark Beeson Charles M. Davison A. Brook Fleming
Albert S. Hayden A. F. Haymond Thomas S. Haymond Zedekiah Kidwell
Richard P. Lott Robert B. Lott Benjamin F. Martin John W. McCoy
William S. Morgan James Morrow, Jr. Francis H. Pierpont Fontain Smith
Other Prominent Men

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