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Efaw Cemetery, Marion County, WV
Recorded and photographed by: Robert Efaw

The cemetery is very close to the top of Flat Run.
Approximately one mile back down towards route 250 from Highland Church which is
at the head of Flat Run and the border between Monongalia and Marion Counties.
Turn off route 250 up Flat Run. There is a junction of the road and a private lane
that goes off to the right to the Delaney home. On the right, there is a mailbox
near the road and the cemetery stones (which are only about 10 feet from the road).
Please keep in mind this is private land, and ask for permission at the Delaney house to
look at the cemetery.

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Name Engravings Additional information Photos
Efaw, David Died 1854
Aged About 70 Yrs
David owned the land the cemetery is on.
Son of David and Catherine Climan Efaw.
Efaw, Elizabeth Wife of David Efaw
Born June 16, 1813
Died June 15, 1887
Efaw, Isaac Died Jan 28, 1883
Aged 72 years
Son of David and Catherine Climan Efaw.
Isaac was a brother of David Efaw.
Efaw, Mary Wife of I. Efaw
Died Apr 21, 1896
Aged 73Yrs 7Ms 2?Ds
Gilmore, Anna Died April 25, 1888
Aged 52 Ys & 3 Mo
Anna was the daughter of David and Elizabeth Efaw, and grand-daughter of David and Catherine Efaw.
Other stones: In the photograph on the right, the round top stone with shoulders is actually white in color. It has been a purchased stone. The two in the foreground are hand carved from ordinary field stones. You can see also in the pictures where I marked other stones. But only the five listed above have any writing.
In my 30 years research to date, I have found only four verifiable burial sites for the twelve children of David Efaw and Catherine Climan. I have not yet found the burial site of David and Catherine.

Recorded and photographed by Robert Efaw