History of Nevada, 1881, Thompson and West. Page 665

Allen, J. W. New RiverFarmer and stock raiser. Iowa 1864 1864 St. Clair 420
Allen, Lemuel Carson River Farmer, stock r'ser & Dist. AttyOhio 1862 1862 St. Clair. 1,040
Bailey, C. H. St. Clair Farming.New York18701870St. Clair240
Bond, J. W. New River Farmer and Justice of the PeaceOhio18781878St. Clair560
Brown, John P. Old River Farmer and stock raiser.Pennsylvania18601864Stillwater660
Clark, Ephraim ........ FarmerMissouri18641864..........
Cushman, J. J.Carson LakeFarmer and stock raiser.Maine18601861St. Clair1,700
Dillard, D. H.St. Clair .."......"......" Kentucky.18611862St. Clair1,000
Doane, S. A.StillwaterFarmer and Public Administ'rConnecticut18771877Stillwater160
Doolittle, A. W. Stillwater Farmer and Surveyor.New Yorkl86l1861Stillwater1,400
Ferguson, Jackson St. Clair Farmer, Pstm'r & Sup't Nev.CsOhio18761876St. Clair760
Gray, B. F. Nevada Soda LakeSuperin't Nevada Soda Works.Illinois18631872Wadsworth......
Grimes, W. C. Slough StationRancher and stock raiser.Virginia18621864Wadsworth2,480
Hull, E. P. Allen's RanchBlacksmith'g & min'ng propertyPennsylvania18611861St. Clair160
Kaiser, Charles. Kaiser's RanchFarm'r, stock rais'r and SenatorGermany18701870Stillwater640
Kent, Ira H. StillwaterFarmer and County Clerk New York18751875Stillwater200
Kenyon, Asa L. Ragtown. Stock raiser.New York18541854Ragtown960
Magee, William Magee Station.Rancher and Station Keeper.Scotland18631863St. Clair300
Merry, A. Big Soda LakeSuper't Big Lake Soda WorksMaine18671870Wadsworth......
Murphy, William StillwaterFarmer and County Treasurer.New Orleans, La.18701870Stillwater160
Pike, W. H. A. StillwaterFarmer and stock raiserMaine18741874Stillwater100
Richards, J. W. StillwaterAssem'n, Pstm'r& Tel. Operat'rKentucky18611864Stillwater......
Small, Frank L. New RiverFarmerMaine18791879St. Clair 360
Smith, ----- Big Soda LakeSoda manufactureMaine1861...Wadsworth49
Stone, G. W. Big Soda LakeSoda manufacturerMaine18571860Wadsworth49
Sturdevant, J. M. Sturdevant Station.Stages stat'n 16 m fr Wadaw'thNew York.18741877Wadsworth......
Theelen, Henry St. Clair StationFarmer and stock raiserPrussia.18621873St. Clair800
Thompson, H. W.Old RiverEngineer.New York.18601880Stillwater......
Walker, J. T. StillwaterFarmer and Sheriff.Oregon18691873Stillwater160
Wightman, D. M. Carson LakeFarmer and stock raiser.Illinois18591860St. Clair1,200

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