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WILLIAM H. JOWETT is one of the oldest residents in St. Clair county and probably the oldest resident of the Wooden Track. He was born on January 27, 1826, and on January 27, 1911, he will celebrate his 85th birthday.

MR. JOWETT, who has been a farmer and fruit raiser, is a native of England. His parents came to Canada when he was only eight years of age. In 1844 he came to this state and lived in Sanilac county for about 10 years. He then returned to Canada and remained there 12 years, and in 1866 came to this county. Since then MR. JOWETT has lived in St. Clair county. He has held the office of justice of the peace and has served on the school board. In the year 1852 MR. JOWETT married Miss CAROLINE JAMES, who was also a native of England.

Mr. and Mrs. JOWETT have four sons and one daughter, JOHN, DUNCAN, WILLIAM and THOMAS and Mrs. H. D. MILLER. They live with their son DUNCAN.

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